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NEW Notting Hill practice opening in November

Spaces filling fast, so please book early

Monday – Life Centre, Notting Hill

Tuesday – Clapham Common Clinic

Wednesday AM – Castle Street Clinic – Guildford

Wednesday PM – 4 College Hill – Haslemere

Friday & Saturday AM Languard Manor. Isle of Wight



Welcome to Re•Set Rolfing
a new concept in total wellbeing

The Reset® Method is based on the scientifically validated work of Dr Ida. P. Rolf.  I am a certified Advanced Rolfer but have chosen the trading name “Re•set” because I think it better describes what I do and allows me to use some of the other healing modalities that I have learned in my 20+ years as a health professional for the benefit of my clients.

Please check our new website :
Resetrolfing.com for well-being tips, blogs, treatment vouchers and lots more

New Testimonials for Rolfing®  

“Keith certainly knows what he is doing. But also, he has an instinctive and empathetic intuition towards understanding your physical body. He’s different and really good.”
21/10/2018. Corky Private customer “The treatment, quality of consultation, and continued support throughout the course were excellent, to say the least. Every session was explained thoroughly, and feedback was welcomed at all times.”
19/10/2018 Jo. Private customer

“I came out feeling the first respite from all the tension I had felt in 5 years.”
28/03/2018 04:22 pm Dan Thomas Private customer

“Worth every penny, 100% professional and a lovely person to boot.”
30/04/2018 Jagir R.Private customer

“Expert treatment and care from a special healer.”
( Yoga and Pilates teacher ) 15/01/2018 Diana, H.Private customer

“I had a bad neck and jaw for years, and I am cured in just a couple of treatments. After years of other treatments, I have found Rolfing a revelation.

Thank you.”
15/01/2018 J. Private customer: “Keith has changed my life! I feel in control of my body in that I now understand how to continuously achieve comfort and mobility!
I would recommend both Keith and Rolfing wholeheartedly – it’s the best investment in my body and mind that I’ve achieved so far! Thank you, Keith.”

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Rolfing® helps Arthritis sufferers

See full story here

Keith Graham – Rolfing TaiChi London.
Certified Advanced Rolfer and Tai Chi Instructor practising in London and Surrey.

Contact Keith Graham on 07799 333 804.

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