Not sure that Rolfing is as wonderful as people say?

Rolfing Taster Sessions

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the media about a mysterious substance known as ‘Connective Tissue’ or ‘Fascia’ and the benefits of letting a Rolfer sort yours out. But can Rolfing really help improve your posture, give you more energy and get rid of that persistent pain that no one else seems to be able to fix?

Only one way to find out! Try it!

I Can’t promise to fix you in 30 minutes but you will hopefully recognise in that time that Rolfing offers a totally unique way of treating the body. Rolfers look at ‘the whole you’ not just the part that’s calling your attention today. Over a typical ten hour series (with homework between sessions) you may also discover how mental and emotional attitudes and unconscious habits have been holding you back from feeling fully alive.

In your 30 minute taster I will give you detailed feedback about how you stand and move and make recommendations for things that you can do for yourself to help ease any current problems and improve your wellbeing in the future. You will also have a chance to feel the Rolfing touch and ask any questions you may have.

The deal? 

You pay just £20 for the 30 minute taster. If you decide to book more sessions at the end of it I refund your £20 against full payment when you come for your first full session.

Whats to lose but your funky posture ? 🙂

You can’t book this using my online diary system im afraid, but I’d be happy to hear from you by email or phone or 07799 333 804